Bronze Plaques 

FJC Memorials can create the perfect bronze plaque to suit you and your needs. Available in a range of styles, designs and colours a plaque is a simple, durable and elegant way to commemorate the deceased or a significant event.
  • Memorial bronze plaques
  • Cremation plaques
  • Commemorative plaques
  • Burial plaques
  • Book plaques

Bronze Plaque Headstones and Bronze Cremation Plaques

Many cemeteries now restrict the placement of headstones at gravesites or have strict policies about what can be placed as a memorial on a grave site. Bronze plaques are often the only form of commemorative marker that is considered acceptable and often have specific size measurements and requirements. Phone and talk to us at FJC Memorials, we have an understanding of the restrictions at many Victorian cemeteries and are experienced at crafting and preparing bronze plaque headstones or cremation plaques to suit the cemeteries criteria. Click here for information on the areas where our services are available.

While a bronze plaque may seem restricting the experienced craftspeople at FJC Memorial can help you with the design so that your bronze plaque is individual and reflects your specific needs.

FJC Memorials are country Victoria's leading monument masons and bronze plaque manufacturers. Phone us now on 0417 568 211 if you need a bronze plaque in any major Victorian country cemetery including: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Ararat, Stawell, Avoca.

We also provide New Memorials, Memorial Maintenance and Memorial Restoration.